More About Me

I'm a globetrotting British writer and educational consultant, most recently based in Ayacucho, Peru, for a six-week teacher training project at Domingo Savio school. 

Prior to that, I spent three months in New York City, consulting on curriculum development with not-for-profit educational organizations, and being amazed by the number of New Yorkers who watch Doctor Who!

I've written for a wide range of outlets including travel guides, community radio, and the in-house magazine of the BBC. I'm a regular blogger here at, featuring literacy and education initiatives from New York to Cape Town. You can also find me online at South American nonprofit site La Vida Idealist.

I've taught every age group from four years old to 40, working as a classroom teacher and outreach specialist, and I hold a PhD in History from the University of London. I’ve taught Shakespeare and German in junior school, cultural studies to Aimhigher students, and James Bond to undergraduates.

More recently, working in corporate outreach, I’ve delivered business language workshops and even served as a Dragon's Den/Shark Tank-style judge for secondary school students. My children's story ‘Shark with the Mind of a Rabbit’ won an ABCTales Prize and was broadcast on UK digital radio.

In July 2010, I spoke at the House of Commons and the offices of PriceWaterhouseCoopers for Volunteer Reading Help, the UK literacy charity that provides one-to-one support for children who are struggling with their reading.

My educational outreach scheme for UK media distributor PMD Magnetics was commended in its first year of operation by the 2010-11 BLC Ambassador Awards, recognising the efforts of businesspeople who promote language learning in the UK. 

You can find out more about my writing here.

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